Monday, February 1, 2010

No TV for a week?! I think I'd die...

So it's 11pm, made a nice brew of Starbucks Sumatra, listening to the blaring TV (sometimes, I think my husband is close to deaf or needs to clean his ears out) and I got this wild hair up my butt to retire TV watching for a week. I came up with this idea because I realized today how much of the boob tube I watch. It's on ALL day long, whether I actually watch it or not. And lately, I've had this urge for more fulfillment in my life. I've been itching to feel some self-accomplishment. There's many ways I can do this: read a good book, scrapbook some of my family, wedding, and Everett photos, get my card stock out and make some cards, finish the scarfs I've started knitting, decorate my home--just to name a few. The thing that has prevented me from accomplishing these things is TV. I waste my day watching/not watching it. I don't watch it more than I do but I use it as more for white noise then anything but it's distracting. So-I think I'm going to ground myself from the TV for a week so I can get some things done that I want. And don't want, such as cleaning out the storage area that should've been done months ago. This no TV idea will also allow me to tune back in to KINK FM and listen up on all the new music I've missed lately. That, and also some more one-on-one playtime with Everett. First thing on the list is to finish the book below:

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