Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

I'm a very plain and simple kind of person in many aspects in my life and that's exactly how my Valentine's Day was; just perfect, if you ask me. As usual, Dale and I did not do anything extravagant. But-it was our first Valentine's Day being married. He actually had to work today but he was thoughtful enough to leave me a surprise this morning before he left.

I woke early and trudged downstairs half asleep to make Everett a bottle and I about peed my pants as the "I love you" balloon hung and swayed back and forth right by the bottom of the stairs. I usually don't expect to see things floating in my living room but nonetheless, it did put a smile on a face after I realized what it was. I also received a beautiful pot of my favorite flower, the orchid. Dale was brave enough to buy me another one in hopes that I will keep it alive, as I have killed all the others that he's gifted to me. I'll be making sure that I look up some directions on the internet on how to care for this tropical plant. I think there's a trick to it or something that I'm missing out on because not even all the TLC I gave to the others was enough for them to stay alive and endure.

Also laid out on the table next to the orchid was a cute Valentine's Day outfit for Everett. How cute is this?!

After Dale got home from work, we went and had dinner at my favorite restaurant, Pho Van in Portland. Pure deliciousness.

I have my wonderful husband and my beautiful son, Everett. Therefore, this Valentine's Day has been by far the best that I've had.

Happy Love Day, everyone!

{Off topic: Everett graduated from Swaddlers Newborn diapers to size 1 today!}

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  1. Dale does sound sweet :) I too am a flower killer, I think Orchids would be the death of me. Good luck cous.
    Evertt's hair is SO cute!!