Friday, February 5, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen, we haaave a thumbsucker. My little Everett is a thumbsucker. I feel like I'm calling him a bad name or something. ;) Thumbsucker! Earlier on, I was afraid that he'd get really stuck on the pacifier and at first, he was crazy about it but he rarely takes it now. He'll either stick his tongue out so I can't put it in or he'll spit it right back out so my fear of him using it all the time has diminished a little bit. For now, at least. He's been using the Soothie and I recently tried the Advent ones but he gagged so hard with it I kind of had to laugh. I really don't have a doubt in my mind that he's not going to be a thumbsucker. He's starting already. He doesn't quite have the coordination to find his thumb and keep it there for a long period of time but I've caught him several times. It's actually kind of pretty cute, I think.

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