Monday, November 29, 2010

Birthday Party Preparation

Everett will be ONE on Thursday!!! I think I want to sob at this fact. He's going to be a toddler. I want him to be my little infant for just a little while longer.

I feel like I have been working on his birthday preparations for so long. For the past month while balancing work, taking care of Everett, and keeping up on household duties, I've managed to throw in time to create his party decor and to complete several test runs of cake pops, cupcakes, and chocolate-dipped pretzel rods. The cake pops and chocolate-dipped pretzels are good for a few days so I plan on making them within the next day or so. Cupcakes will have to be the night before.

Here is a glimpse on the making of the cupcake toppers:
I look forward to hanging and setting out all the party decor and seeing what it all looks like. Maybe I'll realize that I'm a little crafty after all? I'm not creative by any means and I think that is a requirement to craftiness. My husband said it all looked great but he's supposed to tell me that.

I am so very excited to get together with close friends and family this weekend to celebrate the accomplishment of my little's mans first year!


  1. Hi there! You just left a comment on my blog (Preggo and Baby Chronicles)... and yes, you are welcome to follow!

    I would like to "follow" you too! I love reading other mommy-blogs!

    We are also getting ready for Liam's 1st birthday this weekend! I'm super excited... and still in denial that our babies are going to be ONE!! :'( sniff!

    Your cupcake toppers look awesome and the cake-pop idea sounds yummy! Can't wait to see all your pics from the party.

  2. So cute!!!! Everett is so cute!!!! Wow, I haven't read my blogs for a while and I have already missed a lot. Ahhhhhh his hair is so long! B is going for his 1st haircut on Thursday, I think. I'm scared!!!!! Can't wait to see the end product of all of your CREATIVENESS. I love love love his party stuff. Good job!

  3. His party is going to be amazing I'm sure. I think you are creative! I can't wait to see it all put together! :) The toppers are cute, and your pops were too cute! Everett is so adorable, and you are an amazing Mom! I can't believe their birthday's are already here!