Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Day

Halloween was a whirlwind of a day but we enjoyed spending the time together and in celebrating Everett's first year of trick-or-treating and dressing up.

We started the day by taking him out to breakfast. We thought we'd treat him to pancakes but he didn't enjoy them as much as we anticipated. He gagged and looked up at me as if saying "Mom, why would you feed that to me?" So we just stuck with peaches and apple puffs.

I've had more strangers talk to me now then ever before. It's always in conversation about Everett and I usually don't mind and I enjoy the kind comments about Everett but while at breakfast, this old guy kept on talking to us while we were eating. One or two comments is fine but this guy would not stop. What made it even more annoying was that he kept on referring to Everett as "her." Could he not connect the blue pants and blue socks to his gender?

Other than the weird guy stranger talk , breakfast was great. We don't go out for breakfast very often but when we do, we always go to Wildwood Cafe which is this small, quaint, family-owned diner in Downtown Gresham. We've never experienced anything but great food and service there.

Later on in the afternoon, we had some professional Fall photos taken of Everett. We received a sneak peek photo last night. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of them!

Everett dressed up as a cute, little chicken!

We're a day late but Happy Halloween from the Connors!


  1. Everett looks so cute in his little chicken get-up! What a beautiful family you have. Hope your first Halloween as a family was awesome!

  2. Awww, Happy Halloween! I love his unique costume and your family picture is great!

  3. Hello little Chicken! So cute!

    Asher didn't like pancakes either - we tried to give him some on Saturday. I was disappointed, but I guess they'll come around eventually! :o)

  4. You guys are the cutest fam. :)
    I love it!!! Little chicken!!!
    It's frustrating when people don't know when to stop talking and I don't know why people can't figure out the gender thing. We were checking out at Walmart one day a while back and the checkout lady was talking about B and saying how "she" is cute and "she" this and that and I even corrected her each time. Some people!! Amaze me! :)