Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Special K Challenge

The extra weight that accumulated from my pregnancy has been weighing very heavy (no pun intended) on my mental and emotional being as of late. Therefore, I began the Special K Challenge. I am on day 3. I dieted a few weeks ago by means of watching what I eat but I can characteristically be a black and white person when it comes to certain things. When it comes to dieting, I need exact points to follow, and that is why I chose the Special K Challenge. I replace breakfast with either a protein shake or a bowl of Special K cereal and the same goes for lunch and I then end the food day with a sensible dinner. So far, so good. I've lost 2 pounds. The Challenge allows snacking but that is my downfall so I am only consuming a snack if my hunger is unbearable. I've hit that point a few times.

Before pregnancy at approximately 110 pounds.

6 months pregnant.

8 months pregnant.

Day of delivery. Look at how fat my face is!

Two months postpartum.

Unfortunately, that's about all the full body photos I have since I highly avoid them. I weighed about 110 pre-pregnancy, 138 when I delivered, and today, I am 122.4. I dream of being less than 110 but my focus right now is to be back at the pre-pregnancy weight. I'd be happy with that. 12 pounds to go....

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  1. I think you look so beautiful!! I love that postpartum picture. And your face does NOT look fat. You should see my pregnancy/delivery/postpartum pics. Not good!! I'm below my pre-pregnancy weight now and I feel good most of the time. However, I'm sometimes critical of pictures of myself (mostly my chubby face) but I tell myself- we're making memories. I don't want Jack to grow up and there not be any pictures of me and us. It's more important to have the memory than to hide from pictures. Don't be afraid to get your picture taken! Don't deprive Everett of having pictures of his beautiful mama!!! You look amazing!