Monday, November 15, 2010


Amongst the busyness that our life has been recently, we've had some recent visitors over for dinner at our house this past week. It had been several weeks since we had my parents over so they joined us for dinner last Friday. Everett got to spend some well-needed playtime with his grandma. I think she enjoyed it more than he did!

This past Sunday, we had my best friend from high school over and her husband Robbie. Everett thought Robbie was the best thing since Elmo and was constantly staring at him. It had been when Everett was a few months old the last time they saw him and they really enjoyed his playfulness. They are currently trying to get pregnant. Exciting!!!

Robbie and his tower of toys.

Spending time with family and friends is one of the most refreshing times for me and it was exactly what I needed to set aside thoughts of work and everyday hustle bustle. It's back to work tomorrow!

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  1. I'm glad you had a good weekend :) Very cute pics. Catching up and visiting with friends we don't "see" often is the best!