Thursday, December 2, 2010

Everett's 1st Birthday

My little man turned ONE today!! This past year has been the best of my life. It's been the most challenging but because of Everett, I have become a better person. I've become more patient, more understanding, more passionate, and more appreciate of everything that life has to offer.

We started his special day by taking him out to breakfast at our favorite cafe in Historic Downtown Gresham.

Everett tried scrambled eggs and made it very clear that he did not like them by means of gagging. He got his gagging reflex going pretty well and ended up projectile vomiting most of his morning bottle. I'm sure his idea of an enjoyable birthday breakfast didn't involve sitting in puke-covered clothing while mom and dad hastily finished their meal. I don't think he terribly hated it though because he gave us the biggest smile seconds after his puke session. What a guy!

Everett loves playing fetch with himself and will spend much of his playtime throwing a ball and chasing after it. We decided to get him a few new balls. (I admit I couldn't help from laughing to myself while I typed that last sentence. I should be ashamed.)

We spend the rest of the afternoon at Omsi. This place is stimulation for the child's mind galore!

He was smiling and flirting with this lady across the table.

I had such a fun day at Omsi exploring with him!

The last two nights, I've been working on making the sweets for Everett's birthday party.

Today was such a wonderful day and has left me in more realization of how blessed I am. Everett is the reason why I live and breath today. Happy birthday to my BIG boy!


  1. I am glad you guys had a great day celebrating Everett! Sounds like loads of fun (aside from projectile puke). I love all the pictures! We will have to go to OMSI sometime together. Happy Birthday little Everett! Can't wait to see you for your party! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Everett!!

    Your party snacks look SO delicious!

  3. Everything looks awesome! Happy birthday to your LO!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!! I'm glad you had fun celebrating, minus the throwing up! And those treats look amazing!

  5. Happy Birthday sweet boy! Looks like the day was perfect, minus the puke session, but it seems as though he didn't mind. :) I can't believe our little guys are getting so old!