Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Before and After {Living Room/Couches}

My husband finally talked me into the fact that 7 year old couches with multiple projectile formula puke from Everett meant time for new couches. I'd been a little attached to them since they were my first furniture purchase and while I thought they still looked halfway decent, Dale was convinced otherwise and thought they were a little ghettofied. I finally admitted that they were pretty stained and worned and that sinking so far you just about sat on the ground wasn't signified as comfortable.

While they look great from afar, they're really not.


I no longer feed Everett his bottles on the couch so we can savor the newness of our furniture for as long as time will allow. I've been enjoying the new face lift to our living room. It's given us more room, I mean, more room for Everett to scatter his toys everywhere and play so having my husband talk me into the purchase was win win!


  1. I love the new sectional. I really like the two-tone look. YAY!

  2. Looks great!! I'm completely jealous of all the room you (and Everett) have. Our house is so small and Jack doesn't have a lot of room. But we do what we can!

  3. I Love love LoVe the new couch! It is almost exactly like one we were looking at except Josh wanted it with a chaise lounge. Love the colors. It makes your art on the wall pop :) I bet you are enjoying the newness and the room to play! So happy for you guys. I Love the feeling of new furniture or a rearranged room!