Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh Blog, how I've missed you.

I have failed to keep up on my blog recently. I've taken full responsibility of managing both of my boss's residential and commercial buildings. Triple the work, triple the pay, and triple the stress. I'm adjusting to the work load and trying to prioritize things while trying to juggle watching Everett, household chores, time with family and friends, and all other things that life consists of. It's currently hectic in the Connors' household but Dale is being so supportive and helpful with it all. I can't ever imagine my life without this wonderful husband of mine.

We had a recent experience with Everett's Pediatrician that has left us with a horrid taste in our mouth and we are amidst changing health insurance companies and we found a brand new Pediatrics office 5 minutes from our house. Everett has his 9 month appointment with them next week!

Everett is quite the active, little boy these days and is crawling everywhere and pulling himself up onto any leveled edge. I am so proud of his recent milestones he's hit and love seeing the big smiles of achievement on his face when he crawls or pulls up onto things.

Everett now has his 2 bottom incisors and his 2 upper/outer incisors and is working on his 2 upper/inner incisors. I always thought the upper/inner incisors came in first.

His night sleeping has been good for the most part but has been sitting up in his sleep from time to time. He will either wake up crying because he doesn't know to lay himself back down, or will slump over and fall back to sleep.

I don't know what got into me today (maybe it was the combination of stress and lack of sleep) but a little silliness got into me and I gave my son boobs.

Everett is still getting his groove on. This time, naked style!

Dale has the next 2 days off and I am really looking forward to taking some time to relax and enjoy some family time. While I feel like I need to take the opportunity to check off the list of work items that need to be taken care of, I have vowed to keep my priority of family over work and will be focused on getting some quality time in with my boys. My parents always said that you gotta work hard and play hard. We've been working hard but not nearly playing as hard. It's what I intend to do.


  1. I missed a week now too....gotta catch up! I know you are taking on a lot with the new job....I hope it gets easier as you get into your groove. If you need anything, I'm here :)

    Everett is so awesome! Pulling up and crawling, and a dancing machine! I love it! So cute!

    I'm really glad you got the pediatrician thing figured out! I hope the new one is better :)

    Speaking of playing hard ; ) Now that we're back we need to get together! Enjoy your next two days with your boys!!!

    P.S. Love E's

  2. hahaha I LOVE the boobies picture! and Hannah does the SAME "dance" on all fours where she's backin' that thang up. LOL I have never been able to catch it on video, but not for lack of trying!

  3. Cute pics of little Everett!!! That's so funny, the boob one!!! :)

    I agree that you should work hard and play hard... I hope you get to even things out a bit more for yourself in that area. I've seen a few Facebook status updates where you don't sound so "happy"...I hope things calm down for you soon and you can have more you time and fun family time! :)

  4. OMG! I don't think I've ever seen a baby with such a nice rack...or any baby with a boob job for that matter! Too funny, that made my day!
    I want to know what happened at Everett's doctor!!??