Monday, September 13, 2010

Annual Hergert Picnic

Yesterday, we attended the annual Hergert Picnic. The weather was perfect, there was plenty of delicious, home-cooked food, games, and an endless amount of family time. Many there had not met Everett yet and as he got passed around, he had more separation anxiety than I had ever experienced before. He lasted all but a few seconds before he cried such a pitiful cry as if I had given him away. I told Dale it was good for him.

He allowed Grandma to spend some time with him as long as Dale and I were in sight. It was really great to see extended family even though at first, it's a guessing name game. I got called Jessica, Brieanna (my sister), and Whitney (my cousin). But then again, I am probably guilty of calling others by the wrong name too. Even so, it was another great reunion as it is every year and I'm already looking forward to next year.


  1. Glad you guys got to go and have some fun outdoor time with family! Love all the pictures. Great pictures of Everett and his Grandma...makes me sad My mom lives so far away. lol.

  2. That last picture is priceless!!!! SO CUTE!!!! What a sweetheart!