Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What I call lazy

Everett has been sitting up the past several days now and enjoys sittin' in his Bumbo for short periods of time but he gets to a point where I think he gets tired of holding himself up and will just hunch over to his left (yes, it's always to the left) and chill. It's not that he can't hold himself up but I think it's because he gets a little lazy. He looks so uncomfortable but he enjoys it and will sit hunched over like that for as long as I allow him to and just go at it, sucking on his left hand fingers.

Within these first handful of months of a baby's life, I have become amazed at how quickly they develop. One day, they can't do something and then the next, they're doing it. For example,  Everett was lying on his back and I looked over and he was pulling his head forward, looking like he was trying to get up. He's been doing that ever since now. The next day, I had him sitting up in my lap while supporting his back and I moved my hands and he was sitting up unassisted.  Another day, I woke up to him "ooooh oooh ooooh" ing and he's been talking so much since then. It seems like they wake up one morning and say "I'm gonna do this today!"

I've loved and really enjoyed being there to witness all of his first's and being able to capture the moment via video or photo. The main reason why I started this blog was so that I would be able to look back and know when his "first time" moments occurred and to see the progress of both his physical and mental developments. If it wasn't for Everett, I don't even know what I would blog about. It'd actually probably be a pretty boring blog that no one would enjoy reading. Well, at least I hope you all enjoy reading about Everett and seeing him grow and to see what the Connors family is up to these days.

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