Thursday, March 8, 2012


I took Everett to storytime at one of our local elementary schools yesterday. It is through a program called Building Blocks where they offer reading, music, dancing, and arts/crafts for newborns to 5 years.

When we first got there, there were only 3 others kids and he seemed really eager to sit down to listen to the stories.

He quickly found a nearby rug with planets and moons on it and was pretty excited about the moons.

He did great sitting on my lap and listened to 3 stories. He was a bit timid and didn't want to sit on the cushions or on the floor with the others kids. He was an extra cuddle bug and I admit I didn't mind the extra cuddles. They did some dancing to some music and played with a scarf pretending it was rain but he threw it. Oddly, I think he didn't like the texture of the silk scarf because when I handed it to him, he acted like it was a hot potato.

After storytime, everyone gathered around a table to color an umbrella but he wanted to play with the toys instead.

We didn't stay for too long. A kid aggressively snatched a toy out of his hand and took off and that upset Everett. He banged his head on the floor (he does this all the time when he gets frustrated) and started crying and asked to go "bye-bye." Where was this kid's mother? Nowhere to be seen. I don't know if it's just me but I find it irritating when parents don't look after their kids and hold themselves accountable for their children's actions and behaviors or at least be there close by.

As we were leaving, one of the mothers stopped me and said that I looked familiar. Come to find out, we went to high school together. She was two grades ahead of me and graduated with my brother. It's always fun running into people that you know or once knew.

I possibly plan on taking Everett back but am considering taking him to our local library's storytime. The city we live in has a few small library branches and there's one about a mile and a half from our house. We go there every week and last week, I poked my head in to check out their storytime and it seemed smaller and more quaint, which I feel would be more accommodating for Everett and his shy personality. While I am working on opening Everett to more social activities with other children, I need to remember that we need to take small steps during this process.


  1. That place looks like fun! Liam would love that space carpet! I want to try a library story time, but they never have any on the weekends when we are able to go!

    I'm sure more exposure will help him overcome shyness. I was a shy kid, but my parents sheltered me and my sisters when we were growing up. Although, my older sis was not shy at all. I guess it is true that everyone is different even when raised the same way!

    Did you grow up in that same area you live now?

  2. We have been going to a weekly story time since Wes was 9 months old (our library system has various ones for different age groups). Once he got to the 'big' kid story time (1-2) it was rough some times, but they don't expect the kids to sit and listen, most were all over the room exploring. We signed up for the 2-3yo story time at a smaller library and it was a MESS. Tiny room that was overstuffed and we only went 2x because Wes hated it and we left early because he was overstimulated. Thankfully the next 2-3yo session is at our 'normal' library and it's a much bigger room.

    Ok, that was long. Point being: Just keep trying even if you don't last long. :)

  3. Ahh, this looks like a fun little thing to go to. I miss this stuff not being a SAHM with B. Oh well. I also don't like it when you see kids running around doing whatever and it seems like the parents are nowhere remotely close by. What's up with that anyway???? I would be apologizing up and down if B went up and snatched a toy from another kid, I would also make him apologize. But hey, that's just me. B is also a little shy when it comes to strangers, it takes him time to open up and honestly, I haven't seen him in group child settings very much at all. I know he likes to play with the kids at his daycare, but I don't even get to see that because P picks him up. Hmmmm I need more friends that have kids. LOL

  4. Yes, the small steps will soon lead to BIG STEPS, I know I'm not yet ready to let my baby go into the big steps just yet, however, she is ready and going if I like it on not. I totally understand you about how other mothers can bring their kid and then suddenly disappear ugghh!! But it is what it is. All mom's are not like what we want them to be.