Thursday, March 22, 2012

Making Faces at Bathtime

Everett went through this odd phase that I like to call "terror of the drain." He was absolutely terrified of the bathtub drain. He refused to get in and when we would set him in the tub, he screamed and climbed out in lightning speed. For a few months, either my husband or I would have to bathe with him and even then, he was scared and we would have to talk him through it. He would only sit on my lap and refused to sit my himself. How I knew that it was the drain that terrified him was just by saying the word. After lifting the drain to let the water out, I have always said, "say bye bye to the water going down the drain!" Even after he was out of the tub, I would just say "drain" and he would yell 'no' and shake his head and start crying. Perhaps he had a bad dream about going down the drain or something?

The last few bath times, he has willingly sat my himself (with me still in the tub though) and the other evening, he bathed by himself but that lasted only 2 minutes before he jumped out. Surely not long enough for me to really get him clean.

It's silly these phases that they go through. I got some cute photos of him making faces during one of his baths last week. I especially love his "stink face."


  1. OMG those pics are super cute!!!!

  2. oH gOODNESS. cAMERON DID THAT TOO. eTHAN WENT THROUGH A PHASE A FEW MONTHS AGO...BUT HE WAS AFRAID OF THE FAUCET WHEN i HAD THE WATER ON. lOVE HIS STINK FACE. I just realized my darn caps lock was on sorry...don't want to delete it and retype one handed. Lol.