Friday, March 2, 2012


I'm pleased to say that we've had a little bit of progress in the potty training department. As I mentioned before, Everett has had zilch interest lately. He's really been into reading so we went and got a few potty books from the library. We spend a lot of our day reading but when it comes to the potty books, he takes one look at it and says "the end" before we even open the first page.

Because he's had such a lack of interest in potty training, any subtle sign makes me want to take a giant leap of joy. So, I'd like to proudly announce that Everett...

...wait for it....

...sat on his potty recently! (Gasp!) I know, it's not that big of a deal but it has my fingers crossed that he'd like to try again. Also, he hasn't been wanting a new diaper on after I change him in the morning from his night time diaper so we've been going diaperless the past 2 mornings. Yesterday morning, he didn't have an accident for the first 4 hours of wakening, which means he held it the entire time. Of course I asked him (probably 10 too many) times if he wanted to go sit on his potty chair. The answer was always no but twice I pulled his pants down and sat him down and he was up barely a second after his butt touched his potty chair. This morning, he held it for 2 hours, had an accident and freaked out, and then asked for a diaper after I got him changed.

Nonetheless, he's been willing to sit on it 1-2 times a day lately. I'll take that over his despise any day!


  1. Yay Everett!

    Any progress is definitely good. :)

  2. This is GREAT progress! Seriously! It is awesome that he has decided its ok to sit on it again. even if he wont do it naked thats ok! Yay for being able to hold it too. He will get there before you know it. Once he is ready it will happen quick! We had to back off with Cameron and start again at 2 1/2. He freaked out a little too. I am so surprised with Ethan. I never expected it to work! This week I am taking away nap time diaper! YIKES! Lol.