Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fire Station

Everett had his very first visit to the fire station with his daddy last week. He absolutely loved it! Besides his trains, he also has a love for fire trucks. He gets excited and points them out whenever we're out and about. I also love how he stops everything and yells "fifi tru!" whenever we hear one from inside the house.

I wish I was there to see the joy on his face but I think the above photo shows it all. That smile right there is filled with pure, genuine happiness. The firefighters there were very welcoming and allowed Everett to push all the buttons inside the truck and showed him the hoses and everything else inside the firehouse. This was about as fun as it gets for a 2 year old boy!


  1. I tried leaving a comment 3 times last night. We'll see if this works. So Fun!!! I cant wait to take Ethan. He dies the same thing E does with firetrucks with ambulances. He loves them! I love these pica. Looks like he really enjoyed himself. :)