Friday, March 16, 2012

Is it Summer yet?

Why do I love the Pacific Northwest? I'll tell you it's not because of the rain but I don't mind it really and am one of the few who choose to live here and don't complain about the massive amounts of it we have. I love the greenery and the many beautiful places to visit and that we have 4 seasons, Fall being my favorite by the way. My only complaint is that it has always seemed that the Winter season is so drawn out. It seems so much longer than the others. I wouldn't be complaining usually but I am this year because we've had a rough time with the cold and flu this time around. Everett has been sick more in the past month than he has the entire 27 months of his little life. Sadly to say, he came down with the flu the other night. The poor kids already had a cold consisting of a rough cough, a sinus infection, and now the flu...all in a month's time.

His temperature shot up over 102 the other night. Because this has been the highest temp he's ever had, I admit I freaked a little and stayed up all night worrying. I even shed some tears. Is it just me or does your heart ache so badly when your child is sick and you know they feel miserable? That night, I checked on him hourly and finally didn't get into bed to sleep until about 4am. I spent hours debating on taking him to the emergency. I even texted one of my well-seasoned mom friends, Tiffany, at 2am to get some encouraging advice. I know, over-reactive first time mom here. Hello.

He's been so quiet and hasn't wanted to do much other than resting on the couch or in my arms.

I wanted to rule out ear infection so my husband and I took him into his pediatrician yesterday. No ear infection. By the way, he got a weight check and he's 25 lbs. He has gained some great weight since his 2nd birthday. He has a petite frame and looks smaller than 25 lbs. He's got great muscle mass.

On the way home, he was so out of it. His eyes were droopy and he just looked plain sad to me. He spotted a picture that he colored at church in the seat pocket and it brought a little smile to his face. He held it tightly the whole drive home.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, Everett doesn't nap much since we stopped cold turkey rocking him to sleep back in December. He still spends 2 hours in his crib everyday regardless. Today, he napped 2 hours after he woke up and later asked to be put into his crib in which he napped again. I know for sure that my little guy is not feeling well for him to do that. Tonight, he brought his night time diaper and pajamas to me, which he never does, and quickly fell asleep after we said our prayers.

Is it Summer yet? I'm quite ready for some warmer weather and for all of us to be well and healthy.

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  1. Poor guy...hope he feels better soon! I am pouting for him!