Saturday, December 31, 2011

Diaper Change

We've made a permanent switch in diapers. Everett has been wearing Huggies Pure and Natural.

These diapers use organic cotton and are hypoallergenic. Those two things are what interested me in them in the first place. I've now learned that the organic cotton is only used on the outer part of the diaper, not on what actually touches the baby. And the cotton isn't even certified. The lining also contains wood fibers. Ew.

We've made a very welcomed change to Comforts Touch of Nature. There's nothing "greener" than cloth diapering (which I'm not sure I could do since I'm a huge germaphobe but I'm open to the idea with the next baby) but in my opinion, these may be the next best thing. Other diapers along this line include the ones by Earth's Best, Tushies, 7th Generation, and the ones produced by Whole Foods. I went with Comforts Touch of Nature because they are available at my local grocery store (Fred Meyer, but they're sold at any Kroger store as well) and they're the cheapest. These diapers are chlorine free and have more biodegradable material to them opposed to the popular Huggies and Pampers brands. Instead of wood fibers, they use natural plant-based resources for the diaper's inner and outer linings. Also, they are manufactured with renewable materials, therefore, less energy used and friendlier to the environment.

Each time I go to change Everett's diaper now, I will have peace of mind that I've taken yet another step in "greener" living. {Now I've just got to take the next step in this aspect and consider cloth diapering!}

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