Friday, December 30, 2011

Bathtime Fun

Everett's really been enjoying his baths lately. He's always enjoyed them but lately, he's discovered that toots in the tub create bubbles and funny noises and that he can makes waves when he moves his arms and legs really fast. I hear a lot of giggles during bathtime these days. I love it. He's had a few squirt animals but didn't know how to use them until recently. He thinks it's hilarious to squirt the water out, especially when it hits Mama and Dada.

Happy boy in the tub!

{We've since gotten rid of the gigantic bottle of Johnson's Shampoo!}


  1. I love his hair!! So cute! We have a lot of fun at bath time around here as well. It's hard making sure the water stays in the tub though! :)

  2. I love bath time these days too :) It is so much fun. I love this super cute picture of E too :)