Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Recap

Well, Christmas 2011 came and went, didn't it?! Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were both tornado of days. We were going here and there and every direction. It was so wonderful seeing all my relatives that I see only on holidays and other specials occasions. We fellowshipped and praised God and celebrated the birth of our Jesus Christ. We sat in a circle and sang Christmas songs and had a dysfunctional but yet memorial time trying to take a family photo with 25 people by a small Christmas Tree. There were more takes than I can remember and everyone was getting impatient, sweaty, and complainy. The memory puts a big smile on my face.

Christmas morning, we surprised Everett with a train table. {Thanks Anika for the information on the table!} I was mostly excited to see the look on his face when he first saw it.

He absolutely loved it!

Everett got to meet his cousin, Toni for the first time. They seemed to really enjoy their time together and Everett was a bit fascinated with him. It was adorable. Toni wanted him to play but Everett was mostly interested in just watching him.

I enjoyed doing some holiday baking as well. I made some Crunchy Peanut Butter Balls and Breakfast Cupcakes. {I received the Breakfast Cupcake recipe from Emily's Blog.}

While Everett is usually a very cuddly boy, I wasn't allowed many hugs and kisses during Christmas time, as he was so consumed with everything going on around him. I did manage to hold him so I could get a quick photo though.

It was all so much fun but left us a bit tired.

Luke 2:1-20.


  1. LOL!! I love the couch picture!! So cute!!! The breakfast treats look yummy! I attempted to make breakfast... but it didn't turn out so well... my kitchen skills have diminished from lack of practice! haha :) Looks like you had a great Christmas! Hope you have a happy new year too!!!

  2. I want to try those breakfast muffins!!! I think I might over the long weekend? I wonder how important that ground mustard is.... lol. Anyway, it sounds like a good Xmas for you guys!!! It's always like that, isn't it??? Whirlwind event! I sometimes think Christmas should be celebrated over a week's time! I am SO glad that E liked his train table!!! Now B & E have matching train sets & tables!!!! Has Everett dismantled his yet??? Something came over Bennett the other night while we had a couple of friends over and he took the whole thing apart...oy. Now we can't figure out how to put it back together b/c for some stupid reason, we lost/threw the instructions. !!!! I should look online for them..... anywayyyyyyyyy hope you are doing well and such... :) and i hope you can email me back soon. ;) HAPPY 2012 !!!