Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy 10 Months!

Everett is 10 months today! Two months shy of being the big ONE? Someone kick me in the shins and tell me how the time has flown by so fast?

Everett had his 9 month well-baby appointment yesterday. Come to found out, he IS perfect and healthy as can be. I already knew that but his new pediatrician, Dr. Stephanie at Metropolitan Pediatrics, confirmed it.

Everett is 19.8 lbs (21%), 28 inches long (24%), and his head circumference is 46 cm (50%). Dr. Stephanie said he is very proportioned.

No shots but he was a tired puppy and fell asleep on the way home. Flu shot will be scheduled for next week.

Everett is all sorts of awesome. He pulls up and stands like a champ. He stood without support for about 10 seconds the other day. He has all 4 upper incisors as well as his 2 bottom incisors, which he's had for awhile now. He is crawling up the stairs. He's starting to wave bye-bye. These are just a few things to note his awesomeness.

We interviewed a nanny, Erin, not too long ago. She spent 3 hours today with Everett. I stayed around the house and got stuff done like dishes and laundry. We're still interviewing a few more but she's been offered a temporary position. Right now, it's somewhat of a trial run with her, all the while Dale and I are interviewing a few more. We can't hire the one and only nanny we meet so we're keeping our options open. Thankfully, she completely understands this. We shall see.

Anyway, to Everett:

Happy 10 months today, buddy!

I love you more than Cookie Monster loves cookies.
I love you more than the grass loves the rain.
I love you more than Paris Hilton loves herself.
I love you more than Jillian Michaels loves exercise.
I love you more than Obama loves Change.
I love you more than Chuck Norris loves his punch.
I love you more than cats who love catnip.
I love you more than the Jonas Brothers love tight pants.

These are just a few things to help you understand my love for you, even though you don't know what they mean but someday, you will and you will see how great my love is. :)


  1. Happy 10 months Everett! I am seriously laughing so hard at your awesome love comparisons! Definitely a lot of love there :)

  2. Happy 10 months- can't believe it, double digits! :)

  3. Happy 10 Months, Everett! I love your comparisons... like Tiffany said...there is definitely A LOT of love there. :)