Saturday, October 9, 2010


Booyah! That's my exclamation of excitement that I have at the moment. For starters, Everett is on nap #2 for the day IN HIS CRIB. We tried nap training in the crib a handful of times these past few months but it just did not work. Today, I got a hair up my butt and thought I'd try it again. I prepared myself for non-stop crying, stress on my behalf, and heartache, while hearing and seeing Everett standing in his crib crying out for me. I tried things differently this time though. I rocked him until he was just about asleep and laid him down in his crib. Both times, he has stayed asleep. Booyah.

Second, today was the first day of nanny. Our new nanny, Kari, watched Everett for 3 hours today while I whisked myself away to my office to get caught up on my work. I love the idea that my office is in the same building and I have the opportunity to check up on him but I was confident in Kari that I didn't find the motherly urge to check up on him 251 times. I thought of Everett and wondered how he was doing but I already knew he was fine. The report from the afternoon from Kari was that he did wonderful, didn't cry, and ate lots of solid foods. He doesn't even eat solid foods for me! We will be having Kari watch Everett Wednesday, Friday, and Saturdays from 11:30am to 2:30pm. I know, odd hours, but it works around Everett's nap and feeding schedule. He doesn't let anyone except Dale or I nap or feed him a bottle. I think once he gets used to being around Kari, we will extend the nanny hours and have her nap and feed him, but that's later on down the road.

Now that I have a handful of hours a week to focus on work, I feel that a load of stress has been released. Dale and I were both tremendously overloaded with stress-both of us receiving job promotions and with me having to do 40 hours/week worth of work with a 10 month old baby. Impossible. I see a sense of calmness coming over the Connors' household. I will thoroughly welcome it so bring it.

Here are a few recent photos of my turkey butt:


  1. Woohoo on the nap! That's awesome! What a good boy! I am so glad you found the right nanny! I am glad Everett does well with her...and I know you are sooo relieved! I love all these pictures of Everett too! Hope to see you guys soon!!!

  2. Yay for naps in the crib. We aren't transitioning to the crib until a year (husband is terrified of SIDS) but I know it will be something to "deal" with when it arrives!!! Also, great about the nanny!!! It's rare to find someone that you can trust wholly with your child!!! Everett is so darn cute!!!! B copied him and got that same hat!!! :) Wish we lived closer to each other and we could get a pic with the 2 of them in their matching hats. So cute! Congratulations on your promotions and I hope the calm overcomes you guys soon!!!

  3. I love that hat! Asher refuses to leave hats on, but we need to start practicing for winter. :o) Yay for good naps - that makes the day SOOO much better!