Friday, October 15, 2010

Too Much Sleep?

Is there such thing as too much sleep? Whoever thought that a sleep-deprived mother who has gotten a maximum of 5-6 hours of sleep per night could be too tired from 9 hours of sleep? Yesterday, my body lagged around all day. I was sluggish and SO out of it. I've gotten about 9 hours of sleep the past several nights. (Thank you, Everett!) My body has gotten used to just a few hours of sleep that it went into a little bit of shock with the additional hours of Zzzz's. I've come to find out that too much sleep does exist.

Besides letting Mom and Dad sleep, Everett loves playing under things.

And loves driving his Jeep.

Dale is now officially at his own store and starts his Monday though Friday, 8am -5pm schedule, which means he has this weekend off! We are very much looking forward to eating dinners together and having the weekend to get out on family excursions. I think on the list for this Saturday and Sunday is Liepold Farms and a trip to Ikea. I'm really looking forward to sharing the weekends together with my family!


  1. Yay for weekends with family. :) I love that pic of Everett driving his Jeep. B has a walker that I found at a garage sale for 2$!!! He is so funny in it... buzzes all over the place and you have to watch your feet!!!!

    Yay for getting more sleep but boo for your body being sluggish. Hopefully things will balance out soon :)

  2. I always get sluggish if I get too much sleep. You'll probably just get used to it when Everett decides to wake up earlier. :o)

    Have fun at Ikea - I love that place!