Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Out on the Farm

Spending time together with family is one way that makes my heart feel fuller, the smile on my face bigger, and the love for my family grow stronger. Dale took a random day off yesterday and when we woke up, we didn't quite know how we were planning on spending the day but we quickly decided on driving out to my parents for the day. When we usually go over there, we spend a few hours, usually for dinner. Yesterday, we spent the entire day there and it was a day full of cherished family time and relaxation. Most of all, for me, I absolutely love seeing my parents interact with Everett. We left Everett in his pajamas so to allow for more easy, comfy snuggling from Grandma and Poppa!

There's always so many things for Everett to see and explore. You can see the new fascination in his eyes and we always leave there tired and over-stuffed from my mom's delicious cooking. Her garden is in full bloom of vegetables right now and we had such a filling and hearty lunch and dinner. We know it's always time to say good-bye and head home when we see the restless daze and tiredness in Everett's eyes.

As always, it was another great time out on the farm!


  1. yahoo! I remember that farm! Everett is going to have such a great time growing up there with your sweet parents showing him around!

  2. That's awesome Dale took that random day off so you could spend it relaxing. Even better that you got to spend time out relaxing with your parents! Love all the pictures! did he like the grass a little better? Those grapes made my mouth water! lol. What a beautiful place!

  3. We used to spend many weekends over at my Parents' place because they have a lot more land than we did when we were living at our townhome. I, too, love watching B interact with my parents!!!!! So cute!!!!

    Glad you guys had a fun day!

  4. I miss this more than you even know. Take it all in, Christina! They grow up so fast, and the time on the farm is so important. Preston and I still talk about spending time on that farm and we miss it, so very much! I only wish our boys could grow up together, having dirt clod fights on the farm like we did! We miss you, give my cutie nephew a big fat hug and kiss from his Auntie B!