Monday, August 30, 2010

Growing Up

They say that babies develop more in their first year than they do at any other period in their life. I never disbelieved this fact but see more of the truth in it as I have been able to observe, guide, and share this time with Everett. In the last month, he has hit more milestones than I have seen in the time span of the last 8 months. He received his first 2 teeth, gets up on all fours, gets groovy with his own version of what is "dancing", tries pulling himself up, scoots himself backwards.... just to name a few.

Within the past several days, he's been getting up on his knees to play

He's getting a little curious now with food, but still wants nothing to do with the mesh feeder.

I recently went on a toy-buying binge and needless to say, he's still more into playing with non-toy items. I have noticed though, that the water bottle never fails.

And if you notice, he's got a little more groove to his dance!

Cheers to new milestones! And speaking of new, I tried a new recipe last night out of my Family Circle magazine. Middle Eastern Stuffed Zucchini. It was a mouthful of healthy deliciousness!


  1. You are quite the cook!!! Props to you!!!! Do you work outside of the home??? Or are you able to spend all your days with little sweet Everett?? {if you are...LUCKY!}

  2. Oh my gosh! He is growing so fast. Cameron was mad at me for not getting those pj's His dancing is too dang cute! That dinner looks delish!!!