Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Playdate #2 {Belated Blog Post}

Amber, Tiffany, and I got our boys together for another fun playdate this past Sunday. The last time we got together was in May. Since then, we have attempted a handful of times to set a time to get together but if it wasn't one kiddo sick, it was the other.

They graciously made the drive out to my place and we enjoyed lunch and shopping in Gresham Station. Old Navy and Children's Place had all their Fall clothing in and we were all able to get some shopping done for the boys.

It was great to see them interacting with one another and how much more responsive they were to each other than they were at 5 months.

Ethan and Nicholas are adorable little boys and their mothers are such wonderful ladies. I feel really blessed to have met them and it is so fun getting together with them and having our boys spend time together. I can't wait until our next playdate!


  1. That is so cool, I wish you guys lived closer. I would totally crash!!! Cute pics!!! I need to find some babies B's age around here...

  2. Aw. It was so fun. We did get together on 4th of July though! But its been tough to get together! It's always fun seeing you giels and I love watching the boys get more interactive! (Although Ethan seemed to be doing his own thing scooting after socks...haha.)

    Oh and it's always funny whe I see Amber and Tiffany because Amber is my sister's name too...lol. Josh always asks which Amber.

    Alee..I wish you were closer too! That would be soo fun!