Sunday, July 18, 2010

Love This, Hate That.

I LOVE that my son loves his new ducky tub.

I HATE clutter. I feel like I'm always picking up around the house but yet, there's stuff sitting around everywhere.

I LOVE how adorable my son looks playing and frolicking around naked.

I HATE dishes in the sink. I never go to bed without all the dishes done but last night, I was so tired I didn't have it in me to get them done; so I guess I can never say never, anymore.

I LOVE how my son is easily entertained by the smallest things. His favorite "toy" right now is the packaging to my new Benefit "boi-ing" concealer. {By the way, this is THE best concealer, ever. For you tired mommas who need to hide those dark, under-eye circles, boi-ing will make those disappear!}

And what I especially LOVE right now are the little things that Everett does that make me smile. Like this:


  1. awww. So cute! He has the cutest little eyebrows! :)

  2. So funny how I'm right there with you! Clutter I can't keep up with and dirty dishes = top of my hate list! Our cute boys are of course top of the love list :)

  3. Everett is so cute... :)
    Aren't they just the cutest in their diapers?? And I must say, I love B's little bottom. LOL
    And isn't it so funny how the strangest things intrigue them the most?? It's so fun to watch them explore and learn!!!

    P.s. Where did you get that duck tub??