Tuesday, July 13, 2010


One thing that my parents instilled in me while growing up and over the years is the importance of family. There is nothing like the bond, relationship, and loyalty that could ever be duplicated from anything else. I've had my ups and downs with my parents and siblings and the end result of these situations ended with the comfort of knowing that they will always be there no matter what happens. Sadly, I do have to involuntarily eliminate a sibling who has over the years neglected to display respect and has therefore withdrew themselves by choice from this circle of love and trust. unfortunately, I don't think he received the same definition of family that was instilled in me.

Nonetheless, the point I am trying to get at is that I have now been given a family of my own and the opportunity to instill the same value of family to both my husband and son. Dale had the past 5 days off and we were able to spend a lot of memorable times together.

Happy as a clam and ready to go for a walk.

I recently bought Everett a beginner sippy cup. Other than there, he doesn't show much interest in it unless I hold it up for him so he can drink out of it. Lazy kid!

Everett finally has a tooth. His middle left incisor came in yesterday. I feel that he has another one about to cut through due to his multiple times of waking at night and early, early morning time. He was up about 10 times between the time we put him to bed at 8pm last night to 4am this morning. He doesn't wake up crying really but more with a slight fussy whimpering. I've been trying to get a picture but every time I try opening his mouth with my fingers, he starts gnawing or sucking on them.

We gave him green beans for the first time yesterday. And of course, this piggy enjoyed them.

I am so thankful to have been blessed with such a wonderful family of my own. This past year has brought me both a marriage and a baby; 2 things I once hoped that I would be blessed with one day, and here I am today!


  1. ahh he is so cute! and the pictures of you and your hubs is adorable! I am the same way I love the fact that I have my own family to love and hold my parents are the same they instilled the same importance of family in me. I hope I can pass those same things in my daughter.

  2. What a cutie with his sippy cup. Bennett does the same thing with it..lazy, doesn't want to hold it up himself. Actually, I'm not totally sure he understands that he has to lift it to get anything out. LOL
    Family is so very important. Unfortunately, it took me a little while to figure that out, but now that I do get that, I want to definitely instill that into my family that I have and am enjoying now.
    Isn't it wonderful to feel and be so blessed?? Life is wonderful.