Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm done with you!

...That's what Everett pretty much said to his swaddle last night. We are going night 2 of no swaddle and I don't think Dale and I could be happier. We have struggled with trying to wean him off for the past several months and when he started rolling over onto his tummy at night a few weeks ago, we knew we had to get rid of the thing but Everett decided to all on his own. Last night, he refused to go down for the night and I finally undid his swaddle and his body relaxed and he went right to sleep. Tonight, I didn't even consider wrapping him up and I set him down for sleep with just a blanket over his legs and he drifted off to Dreamland pretty quickly. I feel such relief that we no longer have the swaddle battle anymore. We were having to get up multiple times a night to re-swaddle him because he woke up every time he got an arm out but then refused to sleep if we didn't swaddle him back up.

Mr. Swaddle was such a lifesaver for the first handful of months but eventually became to be more of a pain and we are all so ever glad to say that "we are done with you!"


  1. That's great that you finally have success getting rid of the swaddle! Once my LO was ready, I was amazed at how easily he adjusted to sleeping without it. And now he sleeps in Halo sleepsacks. I prefer those to loose blankets so I don't have to worry about the blankets posing a SIDS risk, and they can't get kicked off. Have you tried them?

  2. We got rid of the swaddle a while ago. We also did the sleepsack thing for fear of loose blankets as well (SIDS) but now we aren't using the sleepsacks either because B has grown too tall/long. Now he wears long a long-sleeved onesie and pants to bed. Works so far, for us!!!