Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Visit to Emanuel Children's Hospital

Yesterday morning, Everett gave me quite the fright! As I changed his first two diapers of the day, I noticed some dark orange coloring.

I didn't think it was blood and wasn't too concerned with the first diaper but when it was in his second diaper, I starting thinking that red blood mixed with yellow pee could possibly be causing this orange coloring. I called a local urgent care and they said that this was too serious of a condition for them to handle, especially him being 5 months and said that they would not take him but advised me to take him in immediately to Emanuel Children's Hospital. I also called and left a message with his Pediatrician's office and the on-call nurse advised me as well to take him in right away to Emanuel. She mentioned that when blood is present in urine, it can be a sign of a kidney infection, which can be serious for a child so young. to Emanuel we went. Dale was at work but he met us there shortly. We were there for over 6 hours but Everett was a happy camper the whole time.

He looked so adorable in his mini hospital gown. His little, diapered tushy peaked out from the back.

While the nurses took his vital signs, he was being such a flirt and smiled and giggled when they talked to him.

They attached a tiny pee bag to Everett to collect a urine sample. Dale and I opted for this and was willing to delay the time spent there to wait for him to do his business rather than have them place a catheter in his little man part. Anything to avoid any pain for our little man!

We were in the 12x10 patient room for over 6 hours so we did a lot of taking turns walking in circles and holding him.

After a urinalysis, the orange coloring in his diaper was the result of urate crystals/highly concentrated urine due to dehydration. The doctor said that this isn't uncommon and sent us home relieved.

Everett is 5 months today!

-He has one tooth that has made it's entrance and has 2 more coming in.

-He is drooling more than a dog with gigantic jowls and munches on his fingers at any possible opportunity.

-He has developed a little bit of separation anxiety and will start to cry if he can't see me or hear my voice.

-He LOVES his Jumperoo in short periods of time but goes crazy in it.

-He is eating 5 ounces every 3-4 hours.

-He can grab and hold onto things.

-He goes through phases but naps well for the most part as long as Dale or I hold him or is placed in his swing.

-Has been sleeping about 9-10 hours lately.

-He LOVES to be held and will put up a fuss if no one is holding him.

Happy 5 month birthday, little man!

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