Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Junk Finder

Junk Finder. That was Everett's nickname for today. My 5 month old has discovered his little man parts (junk) and received such thrills in grabbing them today. Every single time I took off his diaper to change him, his hand magnetized to that spot. I give him a little bit of "naked time" each day where he can frill around diaper-less and this opportunity led him to this new discovery.

On other news, Everett went from hating rides in his car seat to loving them. Well, I wouldn't say that he loves them but he no longer fusses and cries. Thanks to a suggestion from a fellow mommy with a 5 month old, I purchased him this toy bar and I think it helps ease the once-hated car rides.

I look forward to each and every new day because I am so blessed to observe and witness all the new things that Everett discovers and the milestones that he reaches on a daily basis. I look forward to tomorrow and what new things it'll bring!

1 comment:

  1. Haha! He's so cute! Ethan hasn't found his yet. I'm glad that toy bar keeps him a little occupied :)

    I agree...we are blessed with these precious boys...and I am happy for each and every day with my two :)