Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Discovery (Sounds)

Can you believe that Everett is almost 6 months??!! I realized that today and couldn't believe how fast time has flown by. I remember the first month or two of his life and I couldn't imagine him being 6 months old. It seemed forever away. Well, here it is right around the corner. As he gets older, the quicker he catches on to things; like his feet and how he loves to rub them together. And how he has realized that he has control of his arms too and how he will sit there with his right arm sticking straight out for minutes at a time. And how he grabs his right leg and sticks his toes right into his mouth. And how quickly he will now grab for things. Before, he really had to think and stare at the object for a few seconds and then go in for the grab but now, he'll immediately grab anything that is placed in front of him.

Yesterday, he discovered a new noise he could make and he did it ALLLL DAY LONG!

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  1. Thats so funny! Like a fake cry noise! haha. He is so cute, I need to update my blog so bad...maybe tomorrow during nap time! haha.