Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My First Mother's Day

A little late on the post but my first Mother's Day was just perfect. Things started off on a rough note with Everett having a stress-filled morning and being a little extra fussy which shortened my patience a tad but as the day went on, his spirits lightened up and we enjoyed some time out at my Aunt Carol's house for a Mother's Day potluck. We weren't there for too long because all the loud voices in combination with the lack of naps for Everett got him all worked up and I had a tough time calming him down. We left and went to a more baby-friendly environment to meet some new friends. Tiffany is a mother, as well, with a baby boy who is Everett's age and whom I got in touch with on a baby website. We learned almost two weeks ago that we are both in the same area. Her son Ethan is just 2 weeks younger than Everett. I wasn't able to get Everett down for a nap at her house but he was in a much more relaxing environment. It was fun having the opportunity to get our boys together and for me to develop a new friendship; considering since having Everett, my social life went out the window. I think a lot of people think that once you have a baby, you're too busy to spend time with others. Things are a lot busier and hectic, that's for sure, but the friendships are still desired and needed. I neglected to get any photos of the two boys together but here is one that Tiffany took:

Everett picked out a beautiful black and silver Coach bracelet and gave me a card that made my heart melt. Dale had to work all day Sunday but we enjoyed a greasy burger at Red Robin on Saturday in celebration.

I am SO blessed to have been given this beautiful baby boy who fills each day with such love and happiness!

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