Monday, May 17, 2010

Mommy Matinee

Today, Everett and I met up with Amber and her son, Nicolas and Tiffany and Ethan for a Mommy Matinee at the Kennedy School this afternoon. It's been a lot of fun getting to know and meeting up with other moms with babies that are Everett's age. Nicolas was born the day after Everett was and Ethan was born several weeks later. We watched Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I'd never heard of the movie but it wasn't too bad. It had some dark parts but nonetheless, it was a good children's movie. I was a little worried how Everett would do at a movie theater, with it being his first time, but he actually slept through most of it. He was a little jumpy and scared but he was due for a nap shortly after we got there so he napped during most of the movie.

On other news, Everett has just started sitting up. He's still a bit tippy and doesn't go long periods sitting up but he's gettin' there!


  1. It was lots of fun! I'm glad to have someone else with a baby around the same age too :)

    I love that picture of Everett! He needs to show Ethan some more! I can't wait til he starts sitting all the way!

    Good job thing we know you'll be crawling! Ahh!