Friday, June 18, 2010

Fa-Fa Friiiiday

Today, the sun decided to make a temporary appearance for half the day and while we wanted to soak up some Vitamin D, we spent most of it inside, minus a few errands we needed to run. Yesterday, I mentioned how grateful I was that Everett never had any major reactions to his vaccinations but he woke up to a light fever this morning. He wasn't too temperamental but definitely wasn't his usual self--typically full of little giggles and smiles and squeals of happiness but he was rather attention thirsty and perhaps a tad fussy and didn't nap quite so well. We gave him a dose of ibuprofen early on in the afternoon and another before he went to bed and I just checked on him and his fever seems to have reduced a little. They say that the best way to determine how a baby feels is by their behavior/attitude. Everett wasn't grumpy and we still got a few laughs and smiles out of him so we got out and ran some errands. On the list was groceries for Father's Day lunch on Sunday and a high chair for Everett. Feeding him while sitting in the Bumbo wasn't working too well anymore. He was too loosey goosey and getting his attention and actually getting him to stay still was too much a task in itself. Try feeding a child when they are doing this:

He loved sitting in his new high chair and while he typically sits in one place for only about 15 minutes, he contently sat and watched Dale and I get some stuff done around the house and get dinner ready for almost an hour.

Tonight's dinner was something I quickly whipped up. I had no recipe in front of me to follow and just throwing something together with what we already had in our fridge and cupboard was a risk I hesitantly took. My sister is the chef of the family (and an amazing one she is!) and I've always been known to be the one that "doesn't cook" but I can proudly say that since Dale has made an honest woman out of me, I've worked on the wifely duty of cooking for my family.. I call this Quick'n Easy Bow tie Rotini Pasta with Sausage.
With the little bit of bow tie pasta and the quarter box of Rotini pasta I had, I mixed it in with garlic and onion sauce with some Italian sausage along with a handful of spices that I didn't know how to pronounce. A sprinkle of mozzarella cheese and a quick 15 minute bake in the oven and voila!

It was mighty delicious and I made so much I gave a tupperware full to a neighbor. Now if I don't see or hear from him for awhile, I will assume it killed him or gave him bad food poisoning.

Everett loves watching us eat and watches every bite of food that goes from our plates to our mouths, as well as every move of the glass as we take a drink.

All in all, even though Everett wasn't feeling up to par, we had an enjoyable day.

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