Monday, June 7, 2010

Rice Cereal Continued...

We gave Everett rice cereal for the first time last Thursday (June 3rd). I can't say that he is thoroughly enjoying it but he doesn't cry at the sight of the spoon anymore. He'll take about 5 very small bites and he's done. He pushes most of it out of his mouth with his tongue but if I'm lucky, he will munch is mouth a little bit and actually take some in and swallow it.

He's definitely getting used to it though. I've been only feeding him the cereal once a day but I think I'll try twice a day starting next week.


  1. Oh my gosh1 first off love that picture! That bib is awesome...and that video is super cute! Looks like he's getting a bit it! Now you can add stuff to it :)

  2. Love the Dr Suess bib!

  3. too cute. he's getting the hang of it, you'll have a piggie on your hands before you know it!