Monday, March 15, 2010

Sleep Schedule

Every parent's wish is for their baby to sleep through the night. At 3 months, I can say that Everett has a very good sleep schedule. It's one that allows Dale and I get a decent amount of sleep. Of course when he was first born, we woke him to feed every 3 hrs and then there was that week and a half period where he would sleep an hour, wake 15 min, sleep for an hour, wake for 15 min, and so on. That was a crazy week and we were SO sleep-deprived, beyond grumpy, and going insane.

At this point, we have two different schedules for Everett. If Dale and I want an evening together where we can watch a movie or just have some alone time, we will put Everett to bed around 8pm. He will sleep til about 1-2am and will wake to feed. He will then sleep til 6-7am and that's when our day will start. If we want a full night's sleep, we will wait until about 10pm and when we do this, he will sleep until almost 7am. That's the schedule we typically prefer, which allows a full night's sleep for all 3 of us. I can't complain about my baby's sleep schedule, unlike a lot of parent's with young babies that I hear about. But of course, it's different from time to time. We decided to put him to bed extra early last night at 7:30pm and he woke at 1:30am and 5am. Nonetheless, we're both very tired and both woke up on the grumpy side. I think we'll put him to bed a little later tonight so we can get a little more sleep tonight!

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