Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reminiscing {Everett's Earlier Days}

I'm sitting here watching Everett as he sleeps. He looks so peaceful and content; and most of all, just absolutely beautiful. Since he has become apart of my life, every single second of my days are spent on ensuring he is well-taken care of and happy. I do admit that I neglect myself in several different ways (not eating healthy and grabbing whatever is convenient, losing sleep when I run to his crib at each squeak and squeal he makes, etc) and even though he has my full attention each and everyday, I have come to realize that I need to start making time to take care of myself as well. I'm sure every mother needs to do this in order to stay somewhat a little sane. Everett is only 3 months old and still quite young in age but it seems as if he's been apart of my life for so much longer. The 9 months of pregnancy Dale and spent preparing our lives for him and adjusted many things to be the most prepared we could be as parents. I spent this morning looking over photos of him when he was first born and my oh my, how much he has changed. My life has changed so much (for the better) and there's nothing more heart-warming than to have a child who relies on you and has the ability to turn any stressful day that you may be having by giving you a little smile. Life gives you different kinds of love and the love between a mother and her child is definitely the best, most fulfilling kinds.

The very first moment I laid eyes on him

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