Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Homemade Granola Bars

I absolutely love granola. Anything with granola, I'm down. I received a scrumptious homemade granola cereal recipe from my mom that I'm anxious to try. I tried some of hers a few weeks ago and I thought it was some high-priced, fancy granola she bought at some expensive organic store but to my surprise, it was homemade. The best I've ever had.

I recently had an itch to make something with old fashioned oats in it and instead of the granola cereal, I decided to make some granola bars; something that Everett could enjoy as well.

What I like about granola bars is that you can make any variety and add in any of your favorite dried fruits or nuts. This time around, I made them with chocolate chips.

I used the recipe from weelicious.com and modified it a bit. The cooking time was too long though because mine came out way over done. They were delicious but on the hard, crunchy side. I was looking for something a bit more soft and chewy.

I had to throw some of it out because it was burnt and impossible to eat but it still made a decent amount.

There's so many granola bar recipes out there and I'm looking forward to trying out another one.


  1. I was just telling Valerie I have a few different recipes pinned for granola bars. I am looking forward to trying these soon.