Sunday, April 29, 2012

Farm Tour at Inspiration Plantation

Last Saturday, Everett and I, along with some friends from church, visited Inspiration Plantation for their monthly farm tour. I was in search of a local farm with sustainable and ethical farming practices whom I could purchase eggs, grass-fed meats, and produce from and my good 'ol friend Google brought me to Inspiration Plantation. I wanted to visit them to learn further about their philosophies and the layout of their farm and meet their animals. I thought it'd also be fun for Everett to check out the animals.

The tour consisted of walking through their 20+ acre field while the farmers, Jenn and Matt, gave a little info on the animals and their farming practices for them.

Everett and I held up the end of the group tour as he had trouble walking through the mud and dirt with his one-size-too-big boots so I missed a bit of the information that they had to share but we both fully enjoyed seeing the animals.

{You can see a few goats there in the middle of the photo.}

Everett LOVED the chickens and wanted to get all up in the coop but there was a lot (A LOT) of poop inside and we didn't have an extra pair of clothing.

A dozen organic eggs in the grocery store can cost you about $5 but Inspiration Plantation sells a dozen of their smaller sized eggs for only $3. They're not that much smaller than the regular sized eggs so that's what we've been purchasing. Also, if you volunteer to help clean their eggs, you get a dozen free for cleaning a certain amount, which we've signed up to do.

My husband missed this farm tour but I'm looking forward to having him come with us on the next one and I'm hoping to be able to snatch a little bit more info during the tour.

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  1. That looks like so much fun! This was the day of my cloth diaper change huh? We should go sometime.