Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Internet. I hate to love it.

I got a bad bug on my computer and was without internet for almost a month. The internet is really basically a huge time suck for me so on one hand, it was nice being without but on the other, I missed blogging and researching all my crunchy interests. I'm by no means a computer genius (I'm actually a dummy when it comes to it) but I was able to figure out how to restore my computer to an earlier state and got rid of the bug, I think. A lot of the freezing and spam is no longer bombarding my computer so I think that's a good sign. Just curious, what anti-virus program do you guys use?

I look forward to catching up on everyone's blog. I also have some catching up on my own blog posts as well. We've been up to all sorts of fun stuff like pushing wheel barrows around everywhere and blowing on dandelions and spreading more weeds.

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  1. We had a bad bug that attacked our laptop literally the day our antivirus expired. We had Mcaffee and it was awful. It actually let it infiltrate our computer and then once the thing expired it took down the hard drive. We had to replace it :( MCaffee is what came with the computer when we bought it from Dell. We now have Norton. So far it is working much better. I guess Best Buy won't even work on your computer if you only have Mcaffee on it because it lets so much junk through.