Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sickies and Spaghetti

The cold has had a long overdue visit in the Connors' household. Everett was sick 2 weeks ago, I was sick last week, and now Dale has inevitably came down with it. We have told Mr. Cold that he is no longer welcome here but he has decided that he will stay with us for another week. We normally like visitors but not this one. We very much look forward to when he'll leave us this week. Once he packs his things and goes, we will shut the door without turning back. We are moving next weekend so we hope that he will leave before then so we can get ourselves packed and outta here! He's definitely not welcome at our new home, that's for sure. We've made that very clear to him.

Everett loves spaghetti (as long as we feed it to him) and enjoyed a table full the other night. He refuses to touch it though. I think it's the wet, slimy feeling between his fingers that gets him.

He touched it a few times and you could tell he wanted some so he communicated this to me by looking at it and leaning in towards it with his mouth open and looking up at me with his big, brown eyes as if, "Mom, I really want some but I don't wanna touch it so please just put some in my mouth, okay? Thank you." It was really cute.

Eww. It's so cold and slimy, Mom!

How about I just sit here and give you the cutest smile possible and bribe you into feeding it to me?

Daddy was being silly and trying to get Everett all excited and pumped up to pick up his spaghetti. Oh dear.

And this is what Everett thought of Daddy's silliness.

Dinner's are so much fun at our house. Since Everett has turned into quite the big boy and is eating big people food, we're all able to sit down together and eat the same meal. The best part is seeing how he reacts to new things. Aren't our boys growing up so fast?! Rene recently mentioned that she's been referring to the babies as "kids" and I agree that I have found myself referring to Everett as a "big boy" more often than a "baby." I think our boys are growing up much too fast. I think they should slow down a bit. ;) But like I have always said, Everett will always be my little baby!


  1. Logan will always be my little baby too! And yes, these boys ARE growing up WAY too fast!

    Also, Logan is almost the same with food. He only eats puffs and cheerios by himself. Nothing else. He didn't even eat his cake for his birthday, he just played with it. :(

  2. I LOVE the pictures!!! He is such a cutie! Jack loves spaghetti too. He doesn't like touching it, but he loves eating it so he will feed himself. And I think it's so funny how Everett is feeding himself only when he thinks you aren't looking. What a funny, big boy you've got! :)