Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bitter Beer Face

Do you remember that classic, old man, bitter beer face photo that made it's popularity a handful of years ago? I couldn't find a photo of it on Google (since when can you not find something on Google?!) but did come across several others but they were a bit tasteless and somewhat disturbing in a very ugly way so I decided not to post them. Anyway, Everett has been making this face quite consistently for the past week and every single time, it reminds me of that face. But of course, his face is quite cute, unlike the face of the toothless, old man.

We move in 6 more days!! I'm really excited. Moving can be stressful in many ways but honestly, I'm really not stressed at the thought of it nor am I dreading it. This move has so many positive reasons to it and all I am is anxious and thankful!


  1. ha ha - I love it when babies make funny faces! Good luck with your move - yay for not getting too stressed! :o)

  2. I love that face!! Logan learned it a couple weeks ago and it cracks me up every time! Glad he's not the only one making the bitter beer face. :)