Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting to know you

There are many of you blog friends that I have never met and don't know much about other than aspects of your baby so I thought it'd be nice to get to know a few new things about you!

{1} When and how did you and your husband/significant other meet?

{2} What do you and your husband/significant other do for work?

{3} What kind of car do you drive?

{4} If you had a few hours to yourself {baby free}, what would you do?

{5} What is a strong trait of yours?


It is on my blog profile but...My husband and I met in 2007. I went into AT&T to buy a Blackberry. He sold me one and a few hours later, he texted me and asked me how my phone was and that if I had any questions to contact him. His 2nd text was asking me out to dinner. At that time, I wasn't interested in dating anyone and I don't why I agreed to go out to dinner with him but we ended up going to the movies that weekend. We were actually "on" and "off" a handful of times because I couldn't make up my mind if I wanted a serious relationship with him. I guess I did.

My husband works as as Store Manager for AT&T.
I'm currently a Property Manager but my last day is at the end of this month!

I drive a dark sandstone 2007 Jeep Liberty.

Sleeping and grocery shopping came to mind first but I'd have to say that I'd go get a pedicure and sit in a coffee shop and enjoy a latte.

There's a few prominent traits that stand out. One being my OCD over things. I am a very particular person and I tend to get uncomfortable if things aren't done in a certain way or if our house is too messy. My husband says I never sit still and am always picking up or cleaning. He's also told me that I need to leave him alone and allow him to do things his way. I've gotten better with that. :p


  1. Great idea for a post!
    1. Around August 2002, we worked at the same restaurant
    2. I'm a graphic designer and he's in sales for an industrial supply co.
    3. When it's just me, a Honda Civic '01. With the family, a Mazda CX-7 '09.
    4. Sleep! Work on my art, play video games, surf the net.
    5. Creative... art has been a big part of my life even before I knew what I wanted to be when I "grew up".

  2. 1- I was good friends his his cousin and she invited him out in Seattle one night and the rest is history. It literally took me a month to kiss him. haha. The funny part was, his best friend (and our best man) had a crush on me, and even danced with me first! We all joke about it now, because obviously Justin won me over. :)
    2- I am the general manager of my dad's heating and air conditioning business. I will soon become owner when my dad wants to retire. My husband is the lucky one and gets to be a full time stay at home daddy. He loves it, I don't!
    3- Obviously, they're "our" cars, but I mainly drive our 2008 Honda CRV and my hubby drives our 2005 Acura TL.
    4- Catch up on blogging! :) No, get a massage, get a pedicure, and buy some clothes without Logan tugging on everything. hehe
    5- I definitely have a hard exterior. My husband is finally teaching me how to apologize. I am an expert coffee maker. (I used to own a coffee shop, but sold it right before I gave birth to Logan.) I LOVE food, but am struggling with how much it's caught up to me in the years. I am about 95% right on everything my husband and I converse over. Seriously, ask him. I love people! I used to be so shy that I wouldn't even talk to my grandma and now, I can pretty much drum up a conversation with anyone, including a bum