Friday, December 3, 2010

Self Feeding and Finger Foods

When it comes to self-feeding and Everett eating finger foods...well, it just doesn't happen. One of the very first finger foods I offered him were the Gerber puffs. He loved them and would pick them up and stick them in his mouth. That lasted just a few times. This was about 3 months ago. He eats solids foods well but only if someone feeds him. Each time I lay out small bites of what we're eating, he grabs the food between his tiny little fingers and throws it on the ground. This goes for sippy cups too. Anything I set in front of him, he drops it. Is this a common phase that babies go through or is it just my son?

He is clearly upset when I spread out food in front of him (fusses and arches his back) and this is when he'll just begin dropping each bite of food on the ground until it's all off his highchair. But if I take a piece and put it up to his mouth, he'll eat it and say "mmmmm!" afterwards. While I know each child is on a pace of their own, I feel that Everett is a step behind on self-feeding. It just doesn't exist. I'm not worried by any means but just wish he had more interest in it.

Speaking of food and not a whole lot of eating, I myself am down to 120 lbs. When I recently wrote the blog about the Special K Challenge, I was three days into the diet and was 122. I was 124 when I started and when I saw 120 on the scale this morning, I got a big jolt of excitement. I am really looking forward to getting in the "teens." Perhaps in a day or so!

On other news other than food related, here's a cute video of Everett playing with his xylophone:


  1. Oh...poor Mama! That must be frustrating when you have stuff to do!! Miles is the complete opposite...won't let me feed him a thing, this makes for HUGE messes at meal time, so I don't know which is worse!!
    Happy (late) Birthday Everett!!!

  2. First, congrats on the weight loss!
    Second, Liam is the same way with self-feeding. He is a great eater when he is spoonfed or finger-fed (by an adult). But if we try to present him with something on his tray, he will just play with it or smash/rub it all over and not eat it. Funny thing is that he will pick up the tiniest speck of dirt on the floor and try to eat it!!! But he won't feed himself real food! I guess kids just go their own pace. Liam is advanced on some things, self-feeding just isn't one of them! haha

    OR... our kids are just smarter than we think... they've got us manipulated to think that they will only eat if someone feeds them. Who needs to self-feed when they've got slaves to feed them? haha!

  3. Asher isn't a huge fan of finger foods/solids either. He even started rejecting Puffs recently - and he loved them last week! He'll eat anything off a spoon, but doesn't want to feed himself. My Pediatrician said that boys are often a little slower with this, so I wouldn't worry about it. They will get hungry and want to eat faster soon!

  4. Wow with the weight loss!!! I got a treadmill on Black Friday and since then, I've gained 5 lbs. Woohoo! LOL, I have given up trying to get on that scale until after the holidays. It can sneer at me then. :)

    B loves to self-feed himself with finger foods... but he doesn't really do the pincer grasp everyone talks about, it's more like a handful and somehow shove it into my face. LOL But he goes in phases... sometimes he just wants to smash the food I give him or sometimes he wants to wipe it onto the floor.. or he likes to feed our dog, too. Stinker. He also is working on using a sippy cup and holding his own bottle. Like 'divinefrenzy' said... why would he want to do something for himself when we do it for him? hehehe