Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Blog Thoughts

My sweet baby boy is napping away and I've been running around the house like a crazy woman trying to declutter and find a spot for everything. I've let our place go a week too long without cleaning and doing it a bit here and there has seemed to be about the only way to get anything done. The place we live in offers a bare minimal amount of cabinets and storage. You would think that a 2-level, 1310 square foot home would have decent storage space but it is one of the downfalls. We don't pay a mortgage or rent on it so I think best that I should probably stop complaining. Tis the season to be thankful and really, I am very thankful.

I took Everett to see his pediatrician this morning to check in on his cold that has been lingering for the past week and worsening as the days go by. Well, I wouldn't say it's getting worse but it wasn't getting any better. I wanted any sort of infection to be ruled out and I left there with the relief that it's just a cold and something that will have to take its course. No meds needed=big plus. He's eating and sleeping well and is in good spirits at least. That's my boy!

I failed to post on Monday but it was a milestone day for me. I hit the big 3-0. Yup. And what is that saying? "Thirty, flirty, and thriving?" Yes, I am thirty. Can't argue that one. Flirty? There's no flirtin' going on in this girl's life. My husband and I have mentioned we need to start taking more quality time together to steam our relationship back up. Having kids will do it to you. Thriving. This year and my years of 30-ness, I do hope to make it the best and to become the best I've ever been. You hear about woman in their 30's and 40's who make some big life changes (such as working out, losing weight, going on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation...) and they say that they've never felt better in their lives than they do now. I especially like the ones that say that they are more fit and in shape than they were in their teens and 2o's. I want to be one of those that say's that! Anyway, Monday wasn't a super eventful day as I woke up sick and spent most of the trying to lie down at any opportunity and get a moment of rest while taking care of Everett. My wonderful husband came home at noon though to give me some relief, and even brought me home some Vietnamese food (my favorite!) and took over Everett duty while I napped. I took naturopathic remedies galore and beat whatever I had in about 3 days. The day after my birthday, I wasn't feeling sick but at the same time, didn't quite feel back to 110% but 3 days total, whatever I had went completely astalavista.

This is my favorite, recent photo of Everett lately. He was hanging out on his scooter and dazing outside. He looks like such the big boy!

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  1. Happy birthday! I'm almost there myself... I hope to lose my darn baby weight by then!

    Where did you get that scooter? That's so cool! Liam would love one of those! He tries to scoot around on the walker toy we have, but it's really not made for scooting! haha