Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hiccups and Farts

Everett had hiccups a lot while he was in my belly and most often right when I went to bed. That's when he was the most active. Kicking and squirming and hiccuping right when his Momma laid down to go to sleep. He was quite the night owl. He doesn't have them nearly as much, couple times week if that, but they are so loud and squeaky. And so cute!

If you listen closely, right after I say, "You got some squeaky hiccups," you hear a long rumble-rumble-rumble-rumble. That was about the longest fart I have ever heard out of such a small child. It's still the longest one I have heard out of him to this day. Surprisingly, that fart did not result in a very poopy diaper, as I thought it would have.

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