Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fake Crying and Yelling

As a mom, you learn the different cries of your child. I know the cry that calls for a bottle, the cry that says "I'm tired", the cry that says "I need my diaper changed", and the cry that says "I just want to be held." Lately, he's been having a tearless cry that last about a second or two. I don't think I would even consider it crying but more of a fussy whine. With this fussy whining, he throws in some coughing and a little yell. It's actually pretty funny. I call it his fake crying because he tends to do this when everything's okay. He's been fed, had diaper changed, isn't too hot or too cold and when there possibly couldn't be anything else wrong.

Watch the first 20 seconds of the video. He doesn't do much in the rest of it other than lay there looking cute.


  1. oh, how I miss the baby first I wasn't sure what the "fake" cry was until I watched the video. NOW I remember. lol. So sweet. I watched the full video because yes, you are right, he is just looking cute. :-)

  2. Sooo, soo cute Christina! haha