Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ice Cream Truck

Yup. I'm behind on blogging again. We're still having issues with our laptop so actually being able to get logged on is few and far between. I dream of having a Mac. Does anyone have one of those, by the way?

Today, Everett is 2 years and 8 months exactly! I just realized that. Happy 32 months! I remember having mini monthly celebrations for Everett. I think that stopped at about 24 months.

Anyway, I still celebrate "firsts." Everett bought ice cream for the first time from the Ice Cream Truck. This was back on July 4th. Yes, I know, very behind on blogging.

He didn't end up eating his orange creamsicle though. Dad forgot vanilla with chocolate is his favorite kind of ice cream treat. C'mon, Dad! We live in a very small cul-de-sac so we rarely have the opportunity to see the Ice Cream Truck but I'm glad he was able to experience it at least once this Summer!


  1. What fun! I'm lucky because Asher will literally eat any kind of dessert invented - no preferences, no requests. Ha ha! Glad E got to have this fun, special "first". Next time he'll know to point out his favorite on the side of the truck in case Dad is off again. :-)

  2. Ahhhhh!!! There is {i've heard via Daddy P} that there is an ice cream truck that sometimes comes through our neighborhood. I really wish it were that type of neighborhood where it went through WEEKLY. Oh well... sometime we hope to catch it!!!! :) B LOVES ice cream!!!! Yay for being able to experience it even though he didn't get to eat the nummies. :)

  3. How fun for him. Ethan always gets excited when he hears it but has only got an ice cream once. It's fun to see the excitement though. Happy 32 months E! :)

  4. How fun!! We sometimes get an ice cream truck come through our neighborhood, but we have yet to experience it. The local ice cream parlor gives free baby cones to kids, so that's where we usually go. :) I have a Mac and love it. I highly recommend it!