Friday, August 17, 2012

New Products

There are so many crunchy and interesting products out there that I have come across. For most people, it's probably not very exciting to go to your local Whole Foods or New Seasons and spend a good hour checking out all natural bath and body products. For me, it's like Christmas or as my husband likes to describe it, I act like a giddy kid in a candy store. Yes, I have simple pleasures.

My new favorite store is New Seasons. It recently opened and since it's across town, I don't go there often but when I get an opportunity to go there, I write down a list of everything I want to check out. Since we've dwindled down to the last of our mainstream bath and body products, it was time to transition to those that are all naturally made with no skin irritants or chemicals. Here are a few new things we found:

Everyday Shea Shampoo
  • Everyday Shea Moisturizing Shampoo - First of all, it's local. It's made up in Lacey, WA. It's also Fair Trade Certified, and best of all, it is free of parabens and synthetic fragrances and produced with only unrefined ingredients. Also, it's not tested on animals. A 32 fluid ounce bottle costs you about $15 but it lasts awhile. I love this shampoo and will definitely continue using it. My hair seems to stay cleaner longer and I don't get that itchiness or oiliness I usually get if I go one too many days of no washing.

Oregon Soap Company

  •  Oregon Soap Company (foaming hand soap) - This soap is local, made of essential oils, and smells delicious. New Seasons offers refills allowing you to reuse the same soap pump which is pretty eco-friendly. I also love that for a certain number of gallons sold, a tree is planted on their behalf. My husband liked this soap but I felt that my hands didn't ever really get clean enough. It didn't sudsy up enough and often times, failed to remove simple residue off my hands. I probably wouldn't buy the foaming soap but would like to try out their bar soaps. 

Oregon Soap Company

  •  Oregon Soap Company (exfoliating bar soap) - Man Soap. That's what I call this. This isn't one I tried but one that my husband picked out for himself. It literally smells like a combination of pine leaves and dirt. And oddly enough, the dirt part smells pretty good in combination with the pine leaves scent. My husband loved it. It's what I assumed considering it took him half the time to go through the bar than it does for the average person. He loved it that much or he's just really dirty than the average person. He said it felt like he was in the forest, ripped a branch off a pine tree and rubbed it all over himself. And afterwards, he howled and pounded himself on the chest. Okay, not really. I made that part up but that's what I visualize. He said he'd definitely use this product again.

Preserve Toothbrush

Preserve Toothbrush Return
  •  Preserve Toothbrush - The best toothbrush ever.  The handle is 100% recycled from #5 plastics and is even completely recyclable after use. It's also BPA free.
     And the best part? They come in these neat postage paid packages in which after your 3 month use (since that's what dentists recommend toothbrushes to be changed out), you just stick your used toothbrush in it and place it in your mail. On their website, they offer a program where they will automatically send you a toothbrush every 3 months. They also offer cute toothbrushes for your little ones. We absolutely love this product and won't go back to the mainstream ones. They aren't recyclable nor BPA free.

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  1. Have you tried washing your hair with baking soda!? I do 1 TBSP baking soda in about a cup of water and use half of that in the shower. Baking soda gets my scalp cleaner than any shampoo I have ever used. I also used an apple cider vinegar rinse afterwards (same proportions). My hair is so soft and clean when I do this!